Only four of the world’s most advanced glass cutting and hollow equipment purchased by Value Windows & Doors Factory are working overtime

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High efficiency glass cutting and hollow system

Less glass scrap, more automation, less labor

According to Harvard University’s research by Professor Hausmann, the complexity of the economy is directly related to the knowledge and capabilities of the manufacturing industry. Once a country begins to manufacture goods and thus accumulates knowledge and capabilities, then the road of the country to prosperity will become easier.This process is a step-by-step process.The more complex the manufactured goods and the more advanced the manufacturing process, the more advanced the industry will be, and the more prosperous the country will become, the more prosperous the country is, and the easier it is to master the manufacturing of new products that are already possible. Fully automated equipment is a representative of advanced manufacturing processes. The famous door and window manufacturer in California, Value Windows and Doors, purchased a large glass cutting and hollow equipment from Austrian two years ago, is working overtime.This glass production line of Value Windows & Doors Factory is strong, precise, thorough, efficient, fully automatic, and tirelessly pursues the goal of manufacturing return to the United States. As we all know, manufacturing is one of the key industries to maintain the current development and long-term prosperity of the United States. These manufacturing industries that use fully automated equipment support innovation and guarantee sustainable economic growth.

Reduce residuals and debris

A large-scale glass cutting and hollow equipment purchased two years ago, achieved the best cutting results and the best hollow effect under Germany’s most advanced enterprise management system. The optimization of software optimization has reduced the consumption of surplus materials and debris.

The chaotic numbers on the rework orders, the long wait before the rework completing, the random classification of the glass, and the various temporary marks required by the rearrangement, have now become a thing of the past.

Before using software optimization, the workers responsible for glass processing performed about 10 optimizations per day, with an average of 6 glass types per optimization, with 2 to 3 glass sheets producing a margin, ie 20 to 30 sheets per day. When optimizing the plan and the process, employees should avoid the residual film as much as possible. For example, they continually try appropriate processes to increase glass yield, or separate the remainder for manual cutting. These processes and optimizations take a lot of time and materials.

Since the use of the most advanced large-scale glass cutting and hollow equipment in the Value Windows & Doors Factory, the responsible staff no longer need to consider the waste and how to deal with them. Only the raw materials are required to be handed over to the large glass cutting equipment. The process of optimization is done by the system. On the screen, there are always optimized files. With the button, we can get an overview of how many optimization options are available for each type.

The four most advanced glass cutting and hollowing equipment purchased by Value Windows & Doors has also improved these:

· By the use of advanced glass cutting centers, Value Windows & Doors Factory saves employees in the manual cutting process.

· Better understand the daily cutting production, simplify overtime planning, staffing, etc.

· Glass procurement staff uses the enterprise management system to assist in planning the purchase of original glass.

The US Institute for Supply Management (ISM) released May PMI data at 55.4, indicating continued recovery in US manufacturing. There are more signs that the US manufacturing industry is gradually returning to the mainland. According to the latest information released by the US Department of Labor, the manufacturing industry added 37,000 jobs in July, an increase of about 327,000 in 12 months, the best result since 1995. Some media commented that the new tax reductions by Trump have been sharply stimulating the vitality of American manufacturing.

US manufacturing has seen its best in 23 years

Under the general trend, the United States is in desperate need of a large amount of infrastructure, and more than 150 buildings are being built in the Greater Los Angeles area which increases the demand for glass. The advanced glass cutting and hollow systems of Value Windows & Doors cater to this demand.