The elegant connection between inside and outside

Self-defined by its name, the operation of the Lift and Slide door system is initiated by the use of a large leverage handle, the operator engages hardware that cantilevers the sash with wheels on the bottom of the door.

The Lift and Slide panels use their weight to compress the seals thus creating an entirely weather-tight wall system when in the “down” position. When in the “up” position, the panels which can easily weigh 200 pounds or more, are easily moved with just a few pounds of pressure.
The unique operational nature of the Lift and Slide allows for seamless indoor/outdoor living. Utilizing a virtually flat track(optional) that is even with the interior and exterior floors the door is still able to provide a water tight seal when in the closed position with the double rubber gaskets being compressed by the entire weight of the sash against the floor.
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