Value windows and doors latest technology is now on display in Arcadia with our German Engineered door and window series unveiled at the newest commercial construction site

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The Giantech Construction project is a mixed-use business and apartment complex under construction in the ideal location of Arcadia, northeast of Los Angeles. The entire project currently under construction adopts the latest technology of Value Windows & Doors. The project includes German window series (EuroTek) and commercial aluminum window series (AL-Store Front). The project is planned to be six stories’ high, with a combination of shops and apartments, and a two- story underground parking lot.

The new projects location in the Arcadia Golden Merchants’ Circle, an easy to live area surrounded by racecourse and subway facilities, aims to target younger and higher-income families. Considering the affluent requirements of the target population, such as beauty, ease of use, heat insulation, sound insulation, etc., the builders adopted a large brand Value, that offers German quality, precision and European fashion (Eurotek series) and commercial aluminum door and window (AL Storefront) series, in order to meet the needs of the target population. As can be seen from the construction site, the doors and windows of the first-floor merchants use high-grade commercial aluminum doors and windows (AL-Store Front) series, which are fashionable, precise and Modern. Generally speaking, it has the following advantages and outstanding features: Environmentally conscious and healthy living protection, strong durability, heat insulation, noise prevention, aluminum alloy surface, Structural strength, high impact resistant and the design pressure/wind-resistance performance is several times higher than that of traditional doors and windows. It is not easy to burn, and has strong fire resistance compared with traditional wood doors and windows, especially in the dry fire prone area of Greater Los Angeles. Its resistance to thermal deformation is in part due to its high tensile and shear strength. Durable and non-deformable; not easily eroded by acid and alkali, will not become yellow and faded, almost no maintenance and can be used for decades, while still maintaining a new look. It is the first and educated choice for high quality door and window materials.

Value doors and windows commercial aluminum window offers an exclusive and patented insulated profile for thermal insulation performance far superior to the similar types of commercial store front aluminum door and window profiles. Offering double or three-layer insulated glass structure, sound insulation and heat prevention for a significant amount of savings in cooling and heating costs. In particular, commercial aluminum windows with three layers of insulating glass can meet the strict requirements of California Title24 for the thermal insulation of windows and doors.

Starting on the second floor you will find German engineered and European fashioned EuroTek series windows and doors. This set of products offers high performance, design and aesthetics in one, especially suitable for modern architecture. Its selection of the highest quality double-layer and three layer insulated glass, offers excellent performance measures such as sound insulation, heat insulation, airtight, watertight, dust prevention, energy conservation and heat reduction. Simultaneously the sleek and modern lines give a fashionable appearance while the unique opening and tilting design provide healthy external airflow when desired. Eurotek series can be described currently as one of the best comprehensive performance windows on the market.

Please check in with us in the coming months for the latest project updates and new projects equipped with Value Windows and Doors (Value Windows & Doors enterprise’s latest products: Germany window series (EuroTek) and commercial aluminum window series (AL-Store Front) project new debut.

Value Windows & Doors is a complete line of advanced profiles and production equipment imported from Germany. The whole production process is geared toward automatic operation, using German (cantor) enterprise resource planning system, Japan actuarial management and American made pride. The Enterprises newest products: German inspired (EuroTek) and commercial aluminum window series (AL-Store Front) are becoming very popular in the evolving market. Value Windows & Doors is tailored to the environmental characteristics and consumer habits of Los Angeles. Value Windows & Doors is widely recognized in the market for its German quality, Chinese efficiency and American spirit.