Introducing the [GSCO] Series 

Value Windows & Doors is launching its latest, revolutionary vinyl series 

“I wish for every homeowner to be able to own elegant colored vinyl windows & doors without worrying about color fading or profile warping due to extreme weather”

— James Ye, CEO of Value Windows & Doors

Value Windows & Doors is launching its latest, revolutionary vinyl series, called [GSCO]. Leverage their innovation, think big & make it real core value. The new [GSCO] series is set to elevate the US fenestration industry to the next level.

“This is a product that I feel excited selling it. I can already imagine the smile on customer’s face when they got the final product”

—Jay Z, Sales Manager

The [GSCO] series is projected to be the first vinyl windows & doors series in the US market that’s able to retain outstanding energy, structural & durability performance even at 200F and at the same time, offer 200+ color options.

Series highlight at a glance

  • Achieved Ultra Temperature: 200F (vs. regular vinyl’s 162F)
  • Three Standard Available Colors (Black/Almond/White) + All RAL colors are available for customization
  • Enhanced Weatherability: More Durable, Scratch-Resistant, Color-Retaining
  • Minimal Expansion & Shrinkage for Structural Integrity
  • Sliding
  • Single Hung
  • Double Hung
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Sliding
  • Swing
  • Folding
  • Multislide

“Innovation is in the heart of our DNA. We discover challenges, we overcome them, and we learn from them.”

—Brad Z, Plant Manager

Value spent over 3 years to develop the profile formula of this revolutionary series. “Every single step of inventing this formula, from experimenting, testing, to coming up with the final product, we did it countless times.” Said Brad Z, innovator and plant manager of this project. Apart from the countless testing that was done, every time the formula changed, Value would work with certification companies to ensure the newest formula meets the highest standard.

“Perfection only exists in a moment; our equipment helps us get infinitely close to the moment.”

—Jason Ye, Vice President

In addition to the revolutionary profile formula, Value utilizes a full automated production line to bring elegance to the next level. From extruding the vinyl profile and manufacturing the insulating glass, to vinyl profile cutting, drilling, welding and corner cleaning. Along with the central control software system, the full automated production line ensures real-time information management in all aspects.

The [GSCO] series’ profile has passed the ASTM international and AAMA standards.
Furthermore, the series has passed the new NFRC Energy Star 7.0 certificate, meaning it meets the latest, strictest energy efficiency guideline in the US

Author: Peter Y

Contributor: Dolly Y