Beat the Heat from Your Windows and Doors

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How to beat the heat from your windows and doors in the summer?

It’s late August and congratulations you are almost come to the last round of high temperature! But since it is still hot outside, there are some tips you need to know to beat the heat at the last stage.
Use thick curtains or light colored blinds to block out and reflect incoming heat. Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day when you’re not home to be most effective and to prevent incoming heat from turning your living spaces into humid greenhouses.
Seal all air leaks, similar to how you would in the winter. In the winter, sealing cracks in windows and doors prevents warm air from escaping. In the summer, sealing cracks prevents cool air from escaping through the crevices around the edges of windows and doors.
Open windows and doors at night to release any hot air contained in your home and to bring in the cooler air after the sun goes down. This allows cool air to circulate and can bring down the temperature indoors.
Inspect weather stripping around doors and windows to ensure cracks are sealed and hot air isn’t leaking into your home.Keep windows and doors shut tightly in order to retain cool air and prevent hot air from entering your home.
Replacing your windows with more energy efficient ones is the best and easiest way to let the light in while block the heat out. Choose energy efficient window that has low heat transfer property (Value Imperial Series®), thermal break insulation in window frames (Value Aluminum Series®) and windows that have multiple layers of low-emissivity glass with low-conductive gas filling.