Aluminum Store Front Doors

Storefronts, entrance doors and other systems that are known by the architectural community for their quality, performance, and aesthetic beauty. All doors are available with and without glass.

Center Pivot Door

  • Operates through an overhead concealed opener with no hinges and can open up to 120°. The overhead door closer kits consist of a medium spring size door closer, mounting clips, adjustable dual-purpose bottom pivot set. The door closer has independent, dual-action valves to control closing and latching speeds.
  • Doors features a flush bolt locking system which can secures and locks the E inactive door.
  • Panic exit handle.

Offset Center Pivot Door

Option A

  • Adjustable spring power surface mounted door closer allows door to open up to 90 °
  • This versatile closer can be adjusted to accommodate doors from 24” through 54” and up to 264 pounds
  • A barrier-free, low opening resistance model is available for ADA opening force ADA requirements
  • Closing and latching speed controls are independently adjustable to prevent damage to the closer in case of violently swung open due to wind or heavy traffic

Option B

  • Made of extruded aluminum
  • Door leaf adjustable in six directions
  • Doors open up to > 180°
  • Bearing point maintenance-free
  • All metal parts of these hinges are protected against corrosion
  • Automatic closing mechanism