Store Front Handles Options

Our elegant tubular access control handles give a maximum viewing area and a contemporary look when used on 1/2” or 3/4” (12 or 19 mm) tempered glass doors. They provide a solution to the strict Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Codes.

The interior portion of the device is a slender 1-1/4” (32 mm) tube stretching across the door and then gently turning upwards to the top of the door, eliminating any interference at the lower half of the door, which must remain clear of obstructions to pass ADA demands.

The operating mechanism is completely concealed within the tube and retracts a roller latch bolt at the top of the door when pushed gently. The outside handles match and complement the door operation.

This handle system features a ‘dogging’ feature that allows locking the device in the open position by just sliding a lever, giving free access during business hours. They also can be used in conjunction with an Electric Strike, allowing for remote key-less entry.

We also offer Handle options for projects in which ADA Codes are not a concern. These Handles are of the same sleek design as the ADA compliant series, except they stretch across the door and then bend downward to the bottom of the door, latching at the floor or threshold.

All of our Store Front Handles go through rigorous testing before they are installed on our doors, ensuring a high quality, dependable operation for years to come.

Standard Interior

Configurations for Access Control Handles


Access Control Handle Combination Options

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