Bi-Fold Door

Key Benefits


Key Benefits

  • 20 micron anodizing thickness provides long-lasting finish and consistent color.
  • Frame and panels are mechanically fastened for additional support, and structural integrity.
  • 5-1/4” jamb width
  • Reinforcement in larger size doors ensures additional structural stability for oversize capabilities
  • Argon gas filled chambers for low heat transference.
  • Optional SuperSpacer with a secondary butyl seal provides a secure IG seal

Handles & Wheel Rollers

Aluminum Series Sliding doors feature twin bold locking system for increased security. The shoot-bolt provides added security and seal compression.

  • Handle has a 2 point locking system
  • Zinc die-cast construction
  • Threaded rod connection provides easy adjustment
  • Low profile handle allows for effortless operation
  • Twin bolt lock features up to four points of locking for increased security and tight seal
  • Hardware colors match frame

Operator & Locking Palette

Bronze Anodized
Clear Anodized
Twin bolt locking system and handle, in clear anodized or bronze anodized
Zinc die-cast construction
Satin chrome finish twin bolt lock

Hinge System

The Secure fold design allows for maximum performance and ease of operation with precise engineering. They are secure, reliable and weather resistant.

  • Suitable for doors weighing up to 100kg
  • Outstanding weather resistance
  • Concealed channel to enhance appearance
  • Precision bearings top and bottom to allow effortless movement
  • Anodized aluminum track
  • Panels feature pivot hinges on the top for folding operation

Hinge and door track at head
Hinge and door track at sill
Hinge at head
Anodized aluminum track


For a unique look our Aluminum windows and doors are available in several colors that will complement the look of your home. Actual color may vary from representation.

  • High performance anodization
  • Corrosion resistant
  • High heat tolerance

Standard Colors

Bronze Aluminum

TriplePane Glass

Our triple pane insulated glass unit consists of three layers of glass sealed with Duralite spacers. Inner glass chambers are filled with argon gas.

Along with better home insulation, a triple pane window is among the very best choices for an energy efficient home. Stop energy from escaping through inefficient windows, upgrade to new GS Series windows today.

  • 2 LoE3 glass panes for maximum energy savings
  • 2 inner chambers are filled with argon gas
  • Increased air space improves sound reduction efficacy
  • Patio door insulated glass units feature thicker glass

Triplepane laminated glass diagram

Durapane Laminated Glass

DuraPane laminated glass is an innovative glazing system similar to automobile windshield glass, consisting of a plastic safety interlayer placed between two sheets of glass on one of the glass panes of the insulated glass unit.

DuraPane laminated glass has excellent sound reduction properties, making it a great choice for areas with high noise levels.

  • Impact resistant glass panels
  • STC ratings using DuraPane can reach levels up to 34-36 (Individual product ratings may vary due to window size and glass options)

Durapane laminated glass diagram

Glass Tint & Texture

Our variety of pattern glass designs are the preferred options for bathrooms, add character, privacy and dimension to windows or doors. Bronze and grey glass are available. Other glass patterns available upon request. Please contact your Value Sales Representative for more details.

Tint Options


Tint Options

Delta Frost
Glue Chip


Add an elegant element to your windows and doors with a grid design. With several patterns to choose from and the benefit of having the grids placed inside the insulated glass unit, cleaning your windows is easy and convenien.

Flat Grids

Sculptured Grids

Grid Pattern

Add an elegant element to your windows and doors with a grid design. With several patterns to choose from and the benefit of having the grids placed inside the insulated glass unit, cleaning your windows is easy and convenient.

For a full collection of grid patterns & configurations, please contact your local Value Windows & Doors dealer.


Retrofit Frame

For replacement applications. The replacement flange allows for convenient installation with no need to break out stucco.

Block Frame

For replacement applications. Block with sloped sill adapter is also available.

Nail-On Frame

For new construction applications. This frame type allows targeted installation in a newly created opening.


Multiple Folding Door Styles

Multiple folding doors come in a variety of styles to suit your needs. All folding door models fold out from the frame (as viewed from exterior).

  • A single number and letter, as in “3R”, stands for 3 panels folding to the right
  • Two numbers joined by a plus sign with a letter at the end, as in “1 + 2R”, stands for 3 total panels with 2 folding to the right and 1 swinging out on the left. The number with the attached letter “L” or “R”, represents the active panel.

“SWO” for swings out, and “SWI” for swing in; “L” for left and “R” for right; “S” Sidelite; “SX” Operating Sidelite; “SF” FixedSidelite; “T” Transom Window.

2 Panel Door



3 Panel Door


1 + 2R
1 + 2L

4 Panel Door


1 + 3R
1 + 3L
1 + 3L

2 + 2L

5 Panel Door


1 + 4L

5 Panel Door


1 + 4L
1 + 4R
2 + 3R
2 + 4L

3 + 3R

Features and Benefits

Series CT-5123

  • ADA compliance – 10” bottom rail ½” sill height
  • Beveled, multi-chambered extruded aluminum featuring thermal breaks
  • Full double weather stripping helps prevent elements infiltration
  • For additional styles view the “Styles” section