Aluminum Windows

Our thermally broken Aluminum series is equipped with the latest generation of energy-efficient glass, meets and exceeds California’s stringent 2022 energy efficiency standards (Title 24), making us a unique and compliant choice in the market. Additionally, our new generation Aluminum AUC series features large windows over 50 square feet that can be effortlessly maneuvered, offering a range of styles including folding, sliding, and hidden windows

Low Maintenance

Aluminum frame material is exceptionally strong and corrosion resistant under a variety of weather conditions

Strong & Lightweight Frame

Aluminum is a lightweight, but incredibly strong material, allowing for excellent structural integrity and narrow profile

Superior Performance.

Insulated Glass Unit

Substantial glass package components provide superior performance

LoE3 Glass Package

Low ultraviolet and heat transmission through window

Argon Gas Filled Chambers

Argon gas reduces the amount of heat passage through the glass

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