The Onyx Collection boasts exceptional heat resistance, enduring temperatures of up to 200 ℉. This surpasses standard vinyl options, typically rated for 162 ℉, ensuring reliable performance for windows and doors, particularly in hot climates.

Our engineering team guarantees that the Onyx profile offers optimal resistance to window warping. Factors like intense heat, prolonged sun exposure, and moisture can cause a profile to expand or shrink. Leveraging advanced proprietary technology, The ONYX Collection ensures consistent, dependable performance in all conditions.

The Onyx Collection retains its color despite environmental factors such as UV light, temperature changes, and varying conditions. Its distinct onyx shade matches well to many aluminum windows and doors. The color brings a modern aesthetic to your home or building providing an upscale look that stands above traditional white vinyl.


The Onyx Collection’ profile has passed the ASTM international and AAMA standards.
Furthermore, the series has passed the new NFRC Energy Star 7.0 certificate, meaning it meets the latest, strictest energy efficiency guideline in the US

* All profile colors are subjected to weathering tests according to ASTM standards, using Hunter L, a, b color value boundaries.

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