Awning Windows


High Temperature
Resistance to 200 ℉

The Onyx Collection exceeds the performance of traditional vinyl windows and doors with the added advantage of a flat-black color. Enjoy contemporary design coupled with exceptional stability and durability, even in extreme heat.

Structurally Stable

Our engineering team guarantees that the Onyx profile offers optimal resistance to window warping. Factors like intense heat, prolonged sun exposure, and moisture can cause a profile to expand or shrink. Leveraging advanced proprietary technology, The ONYX Collection ensures consistent, dependable performance in all conditions.

Lasting Upscale Color

The Onyx Collection retains its color despite environmental factors such as UV light, temperature changes, and varying conditions. Its distinct onyx shade matches well to many aluminum windows and doors. The color brings a modern aesthetic to your home or building providing an upscale look that stands above traditional white vinyl.


Creating your own insulating glass unit (IGU) by following three simple steps

Step 1: Type of Glass

Annealed |Tempered | Laminated

Annealed Glass

Standard glass, untreated for strength or safety.

Tempered Glass

Heat-treated for increased strength and safety, resisting breakage and reducing injury risk if shattered.

Laminated Glass

Comprises layers bonded together for improved safety, security, and soundproofing.

Step 2: Dualpane / Triple pane*

Dual-Pane Glass

  • Two layers of glass separated by super spacer.
  • High quality Cardinal Glass
  • Offers improved insulation compared to single-pane glass.
  • Filled with Argon Gas between the panels.
  • Provides better soundproofing and energy efficiency.
  • Generally more cost-effective than triple-pane glass.

Dual-Pane Glass Diagram with LoE 366 and Lami. Glass

Triplepane Glass Diagram with Two LoE 366 Glass

Triple-Pane Glass

  • Three layers of glass separated by two super spacers.
  • High quality Cardinal Glass
  • Offers even higher levels of insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Filled with Argon Gas between the panels.
  • Provides superior soundproofing and thermal performance, especially in extreme climates.

* Some vinyl series cannot be installed with triple pane. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Step 3: Energy-Efficient Coated Glass

LoE 366

Tiple Layer Coating Glass

The Ultimate Choice for Outside Solar Control Glass

LoE i89

Four Layer Coating Clear Glass
The Magic Room Side Maximum Energy-Saving Glass

Step 4: Color & Pattern Options

Our variety of pattern glass designs are the preferred options for bathrooms, add character, privacy and dimension to windows or doors.

Bamboo Glass
Glue Chip
Delta Frost

For more information about glass thickness and special requirements, please contact the sales team.


Retrofit Frame

For replacement applications. The replacement flange allows for convenient installation with no need to break out stucco.

Nail-On Frame

Nail-on frame allows for targeted installation in new construction
applications and is available in 1” and 1-3/8” setback.


Grid Configuration* & Grids Profile

Grid Between the Glasses

Easier for you to clean the surface of the glass

Flat Grids Size: 5/8, ¾
Sculptured Grid Size: 5/8, 1

*We also offer simulated divided lite (SDL) grids for Specific window and door style with additional time and price cost. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Grid Patterns

Marginal, Double Prairie, Colonial and Marginal MG18

*Grid patterns offer a wide range of customization options; however, patterns are only limited to vertical and horizontal orientation.

*Geometric picture windows offer specific grid pattern options. Please contact our sales team for more information..